Why Split End Trimmer?

Split end trimmer is the best handheld device to treat your brittle and dry split end hairs. Our split end trimmer has superior quality blades which ensures precise trimming. Snip the ends but not the length. Are you tired of spending hundreds of pounds in the saloon to get your silk-smooth hair back with any split ends or dryness? Then our Split end trimmer is the best choice for you. Getting rid of the brittle and split ends is now faster and easier in your home with spending time and money in hair saloons. The 1/4-inch trim setting makes the split ends cut safely and precisely.

To ensure that the product is ready to use, check the following points.

1. Open the lock under the hair plate.

2. Choose the correct arrows located on the front.

3. Check that the clear window is installed correctly.

4. Lastly, don’t forget to wash, blow dry, and divide your hair into fine strands.


1. Superior quality blades.

2. Innovative design for optimum grip.

3. Designed to render strong power and fast trimming.

4. Safely trim the tips in a few minutes.

5. Can split and straighten hair at the same time.


1. It snips the ends but not the length of the hairs.

2. Trim the ends which are inaccessible to scissors.

3. This trimming helps in faster hair growth.

4. Hair feels silkier and shinier after the use.

What’s inside the box?

1x Split end trimmer.

1x Cleaning brush.

1x Instruction manual.

1x Carry bag.

1x Power adaptor.


How often should I use split end trimmer?

You should use the split-end trimmer every 4 to 6 weeks.

Does trimming prevent split ends?

By frequently using split end trimmer you will prevent breakage by removing the dead ends.

What are the benefits of split end trimmer?

It helps you to get back those silky and shiny hair by snipping those dead ends.